Why Inventory Checks Are Vital For Landlords and Tenants

Why Inventory Checks Are Vital For Landlords and Tenants

It is easy to see landlords and tenants often find themselves at odds. The common perception is that both these parties battle for their own needs and expectations, and for one to get what they want, the other must lose out. This isn't the case, and there are many instances where something good for a tenant is also good for the landlord.

An excellent example of a mutually positive outcome is an inventory check. When you consider that many arguments between landlords and tenants are over the condition of the property, it makes sense to have an agreed document which states the expected condition of the property.

An inventory list provides the landlord with confidence, as they have a recorded document of the rental property's condition at the point of the tenant moving in. If standards dip below these conditions, the landlord can compare the current state to the stated condition of the time of moving in.
An agreed inventory check helps tenants and landlords maintain the rental property

*Inventory checks offer confidence to all parties
However, inventory checks also provide tenants with confidence and guidelines. All tenants want to claim their deposit back at the end of the rental period. An inventory list provides tenants with a guide as to the expected condition of the property. If the tenant matches these conditions, they will feel confident about getting their deposit back at the end of the tenancy.

Given the importance of an inventory check, it is perhaps surprising there is so much controversy over the document. A lot of problems arise when one party drives the demand for the test or even carries out the check. It is best to call on an independent party to carry out the inspection. When an independent party carries out the inventory test and then gets both parties to sign the agreement, there should be a sense of confidence about the integrity of the findings.

Inventory checks minimise conflict between landlords and tenants
If you don't have an inventory list in place, and a dispute arises over the deposit, every party is in for a trying time. Inventory lists are critical evidence in tenancy disputes, and their existence can save a lot of time, money and stress. Naturally, there will be disagreements over what constitutes fair wear and tear, so it is not as though an inventory solves every deposit dispute, but it can minimise the problems and conflicts.

The introduction of the Tenant fees Ban has caused a further issue when it comes to inventory checks. Many landlords feel it is unfair they cannot charge tenants for this service. However, given the importance of the findings of this check and the resulting document, it is a cost many landlords are willing to bear.

If you are a landlord operating in or around Sunderland or South Shields, or anywhere across the North East, an inventory check is likely to be one of the most important documents for a tenancy. If you need guidance on this matter, or you would like assistance in running your rental properties, please contact SK Property Management, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.