North East Landlords - Property Maintenance Tips

North East Landlords – Property Maintenance Tips

As a landlord, you must understand the importance of property maintenance. There will be work you can do yourself to maintain the property, and there will be tips you can encourage the tenant to undertake. A good tenant will understand that a well-maintained property benefits them as well as the landlord, so they will do their share. This means vetting tenants is crucial because finding a reliable tenant makes the process much more comfortable.

However, you should take responsibility, and you should look to lead by example. It is essential to set the tone for a rental period, which means you should prepare the property to a high standard. In the rest of this article, we provide preparation tips which ensure North East Landlords can create a clean and welcoming property which encourages tenants to maintain the condition of the property.

If you are refurbishing the property, consider the importance of accessing pipes. There is a lot to be said for offering a clean and tidy rental property, and there is an argument for concealing pipes. However, if you need to carry out repairs, or you wish to undertake improvement work, a concealed pipework causes a lot of problems.

Therefore, when you refurbish the rental property, don't conceal every section of pipework behind tiles and walls. This is especially true when it comes to the shower area.

Make the rental property easy to clean

If you make sure the rental property is easy to clean, the tenant will be more inclined to keep the property clean. You should have hard-wearing surfaces in the kitchen, and you should consider investing in tiling the bathroom. If you minimise the areas where dirt can collect or water can pool, you will create a rental property which tenants can maintain with a minimal amount of work.

If you are planning, invest in anti-mould paint and wipe-clean paint. Even clean-living tenants will create a mess at times, and accidents can happen. However, by investing in materials which minimise the likelihood of problems occurring, the cleaning process becomes easier for you and tenants.

Ensure proper ventilation measures are in place
The importance of ventilation is often overlooked in rental properties, but this is a significant mistake. It is vital windows can be opened fully, and if required, an extractor fan or ventilation pipe is in place to minimise the likelihood of condensation forming.

Condensation leads to mould, and this can have a hugely negative impact on a rental property, and the tenants' health, so it is best to be proactive rather than reactive in dealing with the matter.

Know who to call on for support
If you have a lot of skills, experience and the right tools, you may decide to carry out home improvement work by yourself in your rental property. However, most landlords understand the benefits of calling on an expert. If you have a skilled handyman or you work with a property management service provider, you free up time that enables you to take care of other matters.

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