North East Landlords - Property Maintenance Between Tenancies

North East Landlords – Property Maintenance Between Tenancies

Void periods are quite concerning for landlords. If no one is in your rental property, you don't generate any rental income, and before too long, this becomes a major problem for landlords. Therefore, if you are experiencing a void period, you should do everything you can to find a new tenant, and start a new rental period.

However, a void period allows you to carry out much-required maintenance work. There is a range of tasks you should carry out at this time, and if you're a North East landlord, we can help you manage your property maintenance between tenancies.

Carry out a deep clean

The cleaner the rental property at the start of the rental period, the more likely it is a tenant will maintain the condition of the property. Therefore, investing in a deep clean service is more than justifiable, because it can make your life easier in the long-term.

Also, don't under-estimate the impact a thoroughly clean property has on prospective tenants. If you carrying out viewings, you want to make a positive impression. One of the best ways to wow likely tenants is to offer them a clean rental property.

Review all fittings and appliances
When there is no tenant in place, it is the ideal time of year to review all fittings and appliances in the rental property. It is best to feel confident about the condition of these appliances and fittings, so call out an expert to review the property.

If a gas safety check is due, it makes sense to call on a qualified professional at this time. You should also consider calling out a qualified electrician to review the property, and make sure all your supplied appliances are in good working order.

Review the structure and fabric of the property
When a tenant is in the property, it isn't always easy to give the property a thorough going over. Therefore, when the property lies empty, it makes sense to review the roof for missing or slipped tiles. You should also review the brickwork of the property, and you should take the time to review window and door frames. These aspects have a major role to play when it comes to insulation, and a warm home that retains heat helps to keep your tenants happier.

Improve the exterior of the property
Whether the rental property has a shared landing, a pathway or garden, this is the ideal time to ensure everything is in good working order. You should look to make sure fences are fixed, paths are clean, and doors and lifts work.

We know void periods are often concerning for landlords, but you should take this opportunity to improve the standard of your rental property. If you are looking for guidance or assistance in letting property, contact SK Property Management, and we'll be happy to assist you. We are pleased to say we have helped many landlords in the North East, and if you need our help, we will be on hand to help you too.