Tenancy fee's and terms

Tenancy fee's and terms

Before You Move In...

Holding Fee: £100
This covers the cost of the paperwork, application process and acts as a deposit for the property, where we take it off the market once paid*. It is a non-refundable payment and does not constitute any other payment.

Guarantor Fee: £0
If you are in receipt of DSS** you will need a guarantor. This has to be either a homeowner or someone who has been in full time employment earning a minimum of £15,000 per annum. You will not pass the credit check without one.

If you are in full time employment, needing a guarantor is your choice. It is advisable if you have had any CCJ's within the last 7 years or have a bad credit rating.

Move in Day:
On the Move In Day we require the first months rent and the same equivalent for the bond in cash. For the months thereafter we advise setting up a standing order.

The bond is in place for protection of the property. When the time comes you wish to move on, providing the property is in an acceptable condition you will get your full bond back. We use the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) which is the government based service that holds your bond until you move out.

Please Note:-
*If you fail the credit check we cannot move forward with your application and the property will go back on the market, unless a guarantor can be provided.

**Housing Benefits are put in place for your benefit, not ours. Regardless of any benefit you may receive, the rent must be paid on its due date and in full.

During Your Tenancy...

We offer only one contract:

  • All of our contracts consist of a 6 Month Fixed period, where the tenancy is reviewed before the expiry date. Providing there are no arrears on the account and the property is kept to a respectful standard we will offer a rolling term agreement.

Pet Deposit: £100
There will be a charge added to the bond if you have any pets such as cats and dogs. You will need consent from the landlord so please speak to a member of staff if this may apply to you. This covers the added risk of damages to the property.

Copy of your Tenancy Agreement: £30

Amendment of your Tenancy Agreement: £75
This may be applicable if a change to the Tenancy Agreement is required due to a change in circumstances. Please speak to a member of staff if this applies to you as this is subject to landlord consent.

Keys Cut: Collection - £10
Keys Cut: Delivered - £55

Call Out Charge: £45 (ie: missed appointments, false maintenance etc...)

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff, or check out our FAQ page.

Independent Redress is provided by: The Property Redress Scheme (PRS)

Client money Protection is provided by: The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS)