Landlord Fee's & Terms

Landlord Fee's & Terms
  • Our Tenancy Finding Fee is £250 per property.

  • We only charge 15% of the rent for each property.

  • There are no fee's from us while your property is empty.

  • We work as the middle-man between landlord and contractors.

  • You will receive a monthly statement.

Tenancy Finding Fee
We charge £250 for a tenancy finding fee. This covers the cost of advertising, numerous viewings and all the paperwork that comes with obtaining a tenant for the property, and as well as the move in day appointment, it also includes the move out appointment when the time comes. *Properties that are out of a 20 mile radius of Chester Le Street will be charged £480 due to the distance and travelling time.

Advertising your property
Apart form our website we advertise on Zoopla and Facebook so we have a very wide range of target audience who can easily find a property to rent with us.

We accept tenants who are in receipt of Housing Benefits, however if for whatever reason you prefer working class for any of your properties, please inform us as soon as possible so we may advertise your property appropriately.

Empty Properties
You will incur NO fee's from us while your property is empty, however you will have the usual deductions such as council tax, utility bills and if applicable, service charges, insurance & ground rents etc. All of which we still take care of on your behalf.

Maintenance issues that arise will be dealt with promptly if the price is under £250. If, however the cost of the job is higher than £250 we will contact you in order to get your consent before going ahead with the issue.

We can provide up to two different contractors quotes for free. If more than two quotes are required for the same job, then a £25 fee will be charged per additional quote.

Contact between ourselves and the landlord is essential in order to deal with maintenance efficiently, especially when a tenant is involved. So we appreciate being kept up to date whether your information has changed or if you will be unreachable for a while.

Other Agents
Unfortunately we do not work alongside other agents as it can cause confusion and disruption. This job isn't a competition for us, we strive on family values and only want what is best for your investment. We wouldn't have a company if it wasn't for all you landlords out there! We aim to find good, respectful tenants and at the same time help the tenants find a welcoming home with agents who treat them like real people and not just an income.

Monthly Statements
A tenants rental period is between the date they move in until the day before the next rental due date ie: 19th March to 18th April. Which is individual to each property. However we work slightly different for the landlords to keep everything regular and easy to manage.

Each landlord will be provided with a monthly statement at the beginning of every month (usually during the 1st week of the month) that covers the period of the previous month ie: the statement you receive in September will show you everything from the 1st to the 31st August. It is a compiled list of all your rental income and deductions you may have received/ incurred for that month. 99% of our statements are sent via email, but it you prefer letter format just let us know.

Management Contract
You will need to sign a Management Contract before we can move forward with any of your properties. You can view a draft of this contract before signing and we can answer any questions or queries you may have.

SKP Management shall not be liable for any loss or damage on any of the properties that the landlord may suffer through the act, default or wilful default on the part of the tenant.

Tenant Find Only
If you are happy to manage your own property but need help with finding a tenant, we can offer a 'Tenant Find Only' service. This costs £350, plus the cost of the referencing report from Rentshield (there are three referencing options available so please contact us for further information).

You don't need to sign a Management Agreement for this service, we just need access to the property so that we can advertise it for you and carry out viewings.

Please Note:- The TFO service doesn't include a Tenancy Agreement, you will need to provide the tenant with your own contract, that has been approved by your solicitor.

Either the landlord or SKP Management may terminate this agreement at any time by giving two months written notice. Notice to terminate the agreement must be provided in writing or email.

We charge £150 Termination Fee for any properties that will be removed from our portfolio and our services will no longer be required for that particular property. This is to cover the extra hours and admin work involved in the transition of a property whether it is to be sold or given to a different agent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that you will consider us and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.